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Doug Casey became a marijuana millionaire from one penny pot stock,

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During the Marijuana Millionaire Summit, they’ll share details on how anyone with a few hundred dollars can position themselves into the future “Amazon” and “Home Depot” of pot, today.


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And now we’re at the start of the biggest event in the history of marijuana profits.

On January 1, 2018, recreational marijuana became legal in California.

Later this year, Canada is set to legalize recreational pot for the whole country.

These moves will unleash a $50 billion industry.

Turning hundreds of everyday folks into marijuana millionaires.

During this event, you’ll discover how to become a marijuana millionaire in 2018 with tiny, little-known pot stocks.

During this webinar, you’ll discover:

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Plus, you’ll discover why some of the best profit opportunities in marijuana have nothing to do with growing or producing the plant. Instead, Doug and the team will share the most promising “pick and shovel” plays. These are companies on their way to becoming the next “Home Depot of Pot” and “Amazon of Weed.”

And Doug Casey will break down how he became a marijuana millionaire with a penny pot stock and why he sees bigger opportunities in today’s marijuana boom for those who get in now.

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During the first marijuana mania, the best pot stocks averaged peak gains of 24,000%. And that was with just two states (Washington and Colorado) legalizing recreational pot.

Now that it’s legal in California, and Canada is set to go recreational later this year, we’ll see the biggest marijuana profits in history from this bull market.

You’ll get all the details in our training and webinar.

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