“We’re looking at the growth of a new market from essentially $0…
to potentially $400 billion in a matter of years. It’s unprecedented. Here’s what I’m doing to get ahead of it.” –

On Thursday, January 31, at 8 pm ET, E.B. Tucker is revealing
the next big trend he believes could hand investors a fortune in 2019.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • How three under-the-radar companies could ride a historic wave as over $4.7 billion floods a corner of the market
  • Why the NFL’s plan to save football could mean billions for investors
  • How it’s possible to make 2x, 4x, or even 10x your money in the weeks to come riding this historic wave
  • Why this massive investing opportunity has nothing to do with earning seasons, a hot IPO or a government bailout

This landmark event is completely free and the information could forever change your life.

DATE: Jan 31st
8:00 PM ET

WHERE: Private Website
(emailed to you)

SPECIAL BONUS: Supreme Court
(see below)

E.B. Tucker is a former money manager who has become famous for making uncanny market predictions. Here are some of his greatest calls:

The renter trend – E.B. sold his largest stock at the peak in 2008, then bought gold, silver, and a utility fund. He had enough dry powder to buy six rental properties with cash. A decade later, he still has a passive income stream that pays him a 20% yield or more per year.

The legal marijuana boom – E.B. was among the very first to predict the cannabis rally. He recommended arguably three of the best stocks to own during the mania. Cronos was only $2.60 a share at the time. Though a closeout order was issued, folks who held tight saw a 480% peak gain.

The blockchain and crypto wave – E.B. was able to exploit this massive trend and made 15,000% in profits on a blockchain mining deal.

The Bitcoin bubble – On December 14, 2017, E.B. pleaded with his readers who owned Bitcoin to sell enough of their coins to recoup their initial investment. That was four days before Bitcoin reached its all-time high of $18,500. Folks thought he was nuts—including his publisher. But Bitcoin is now down roughly 77%.

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