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And now we’re at the start of the biggest event in the history of marijuana profits.

Now, I’ll be the first to say nothing in the market is guaranteed but all signs point to this next wave being your best chance at becoming a marijuana millionaire.

On January 1, 2018, recreational marijuana became legal in California.

Later this June, Canada is set to legalize recreational pot for the whole country.

These moves will unleash a $50 billion industry.

Turning hundreds of everyday folks into marijuana millionaires.

During this event, you’ll discover how to become a millionaire in 2018 with tiny, little-known pot stocks.

During this Summit, you’ll discover:

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FREE ACCESS to our April 26th event: Doug Casey, Nick Giambruno and Justin Spittler will reveal why the marijuana boom is just starting right now. And how 2018 will be the year of marijuana millionaires for those who get into tiny, little-known pot stocks today.

Plus, you’ll discover why some of the best profit opportunities in marijuana have nothing to do with growing or producing the plant. Instead, Doug and the team will share the most promising “pick and shovel” plays. These are companies on their way to becoming the next “Home Depot of Pot” and “Amazon of Weed.”

And Doug Casey will break down how he became a marijuana millionaire with a penny pot stock and why he sees bigger opportunities in today’s marijuana boom for those who get in now.

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During the first marijuana mania, the best pot stocks averaged peak gains of 24,000%. And that was with just two states (Washington and Colorado) legalizing recreational pot.

Now that it’s legal in California, and Canada is set to go recreational this June, we’ll see the biggest marijuana profits in history from this bull market.

You’ll get all the details in our training and Summit.

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Meet the Experts Who Are Going to Show You
How to Become a Pot Stock Millionaire in 2018

Doug Casey

Doug Casey

In addition to being a marijuana millionaire, Doug Casey is the founder of Casey Research and is one of the top natural resource speculators on the planet.

Dubbed the ‘International Man,’ roughly four decades ago, Doug Casey has visited 175 nations and lived in nearly a dozen countries. Today, he’s a major investor in businesses and real estate around the world.

Doug, has made millions by shirking conventional financial advice and has an uncanny ability to profit from financial and geopolitical trends long before Wall Street catches on.

Doug’s predictions and track record are why he’s participated in several televised debates with presidential candidates and served as an economic advisor to the leaders of six countries.

According to Doug, marijuana legalization is inevitable. During the Pot Stock Millionaire Summit, Doug will reveal why we’re at the start of a new marijuana economy. And how investments in marijuana companies can turn into fortunes for those who get in early. Doug’s up 1,900% and counting in one of his marijuana stocks. And sees even bigger fortunes for pot stocks in the coming two years now that Canada is going fully legal.

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Nick Giambruno

Nick Giambruno

Nick Giambruno is an investing prodigy and Doug Casey’s right-hand man as well as Doug’s top marijuana analyst.

Nick sees Canada’s legalization of recreational pot creating more main street millionaires than any other event in 2018.

Six months prior to California selling recreational pot, Nick started releasing his top pot plays to his readers. Those who took Nick up on his plays could have made fortunes. Here’s what some of our readers are saying…

“I have 6 of Casey’s recommendations for cannabis stocks and have already taken a free ride on 4 of the 6. Currently stand as follows: 1. Up 300%... 2. Up 191%... 3. Up 110%... 4. Up 65%... 5. Up 64%... 6. Up 41%”
– Randall C

“Hi Nick—just wanted to say thanks for the great recommendations! I’m up anywhere from “only” 70% to over 300% since your cannabis recommendations a few months ago.”
– Stuart R.

“Nick, … my initial investments into the cannabis stocks are STILL 100% up. From $20,000 to over $40,000 right now.”
– Darin H.

“I just sold half of 5 stocks because they doubled more and am now playing with house money.”
– Robert F.

During the Pot Stock Millionaire Summit, Nick will reveal why similar fortunes will be made after Canada legalizes recreational pot. And he’ll reveal his top 5 stock plays for when Canada goes legal.

Justin Spittler

Justin Spittler

Justin Spittler has put in thousands of miles and hundreds of hours of boots-on-the-ground investigation into legal marijuana. He literally sold all his belongings to travel to the top marijuana hot spots in North America. He’s met with everyone from venture capitalists… to growers and farmers… to dispensary retailers and edible producers.

During the Summit, Justin will reveal critical details on how legalization in California and Canada could move pot stocks to all-time highs.

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